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Holiday Sock Donation Campaign Warms Cold Feet in Mile High City

“Sock-it-to-‘em” Heightens Sensitivity to Doubled Homeless Population in Denver

 Denver, CO — (December 11, 2012) — A citywide effort to encourage donations of socks for those without permanent shelter in Denver is launching on Wednesday, December 12, 2012, to help meet the needs of a homeless population in the Mile High City that is now twice what it was just a year ago.  The Sock-it-to-‘em Sock Campaign aims to cover the feet of as many of those in need as possible before the new year, getting the word out through the media and local organizations.


“We want to launch the effort in Denver, but intend to encourage other cities around the country to join in,” said Sue Lee, one of the two program coordinators.  “Denver is a good place to start because of the growing number of homeless since just last year that will have to endure bone-chilling temperatures during the holidays.  By encouraging residents to donate new and used socks to those in need, we hope to help everyone survive the cold.”


The campaign kicks off this week with a “No-Socks-To-Work-Day”, aimed at inspiring workers throughout the city to forego their socks, donate them, and sport bare ankles during their workday in a show of support for the campaign.  The sockless workday idea was the brainchild of Dean Rothbart, co-coordinator of the sock donation campaign, who is also behind the Small Business Drives Colorado™ campaign.


“It’s estimated that one out of every four homeless individuals in Denver is a child – that’s just heartbreaking,” said  Rotbart.  “If we can make sure their feet are warm for the holidays, we will be doing something to help.”


According to the latest rankings, Denver has the eighth highest homeless population of major metropolitan areas in the U.S., with more than 12 thousand residents lacking permanent shelter.  A survey on homelessness in the city conducted annually by the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative, released earlier this year, found that the number of homeless individuals sleeping without permanent shelter in the city more than doubled from May of 2011 to May of 2012.  Over 3,000 individuals became newly homeless during that same 12 month period.


“We know we can count on the good people of Denver to help us make a difference for their neighbors in need,” said Lee.  “Most everyone can spare a pair of socks.”


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