Our Co-Founders

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Co-founder Susan Elizabeth Lee

Susan Elizabeth Lee is Chairman of the Board and Founder of the Sock It To Em Sock Campaign an idea that came to her Thanksgiving of 2011 when she first presented it to her friends. The Campaign’s successes lead her to ask her friend Phillis Shimamoto to join her and help to make it a grassroots national campaign officially beginning in 2012.

Susan Elizabeth is also, CEO of EQ Media, Inc. and the creator of “I Believe in Me!” a program that teaches EQ/Emotional Intelligence to preschoolers. www.ibelieveinmekids.com. In 2009 “I Believe in Me!” was a recipient of the prestigious Parents Choice Award and holds a KIDS FIRST! Endorsement.

For the Sock It To Em Sock Campaign and her “I Believe in Me!” program, Susan Elizabeth was awarded in 2013, the “People Helping People Award” which is granted by Kathy Bee’s Touching Lives TV Award Show.

She is the Author of Whispers of Color for Children and Whispers of Color for Adults. She is also a contributing author in both Over 50 Feeling 30! by William H. Lee M.D. and Women Will Save The World by Caroline Shearer.

Susan Elizabeth is an invigorating motivational life management skills educator presenter. She has presented at numerous corporations, organizations and churches speaking on the topics of stress management, life skills and the importance of using and understanding EQ/Emotional Intelligence. Nationally, she has presented at The National Forum on Character Education 2010, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Community of Caring Conference “Beyond Bullying” 2011, Douglas County Youth Expo, Colorado 2013 and “The WIN” of Salt Lake City 2013.

Philis ShimamotoPHILLIS SHIMAMOTO is President and Co-Founder of the Sock It To Em Sock Campaign. What began in 2011 as a project between girlfriends has evolved into a nationwide grassroots effort to put socks on the feet of the homeless.

Phillis is also the CEO of Be Brave Say Yes! and a workshop facilitator, speaker and personal and corporate transformational educator specializing in empowering people to understand themselves and others to build better and healthier relationships in life and business. She is passionate about teaching workshops on the enneagram, the nine personality types of human nature.  Her courses are powerful, thought-provoking and life-changing.

She customizes trainings and retreats to groups, companies, organizations, sales teams, schools and sports teams on such topics such as empowerment and person growth and on the corporate level relating to evaluating personnel, reviewing corporate structure especially in the areas of leadership, sales, team building and employee relations to maximize team talent using her 30-year background in corporate America and knowledge of the enneagram as an organizational teaching and self-awareness tool.

Phillis speaks nationwide on a wide array of topics including cultural diversity and tolerance, anti-bullying, overcoming adversity and hardships, personal and women’s empowerment and navigating transitions to move forward and to thrive in life.  She is very passionate about sharing her dad’s story about his life in the Japanese internment camp, the bullying that she endured at school for years, the shame she felt being Japanese and wanting to disown her heritage, and how it greatly affected her relationship with her dad and the way she viewed herself.  Please visit her website at www.bebravesayyes.com.